The Flower Fairy Company is committed to providing 100% natural, effective botanical body care products.

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Flower Fairy
products have been created and produced in Victoria, BC by a well respected, local herbalist for close to 20 years.

The Arnica Line

Arnica is a European mountain wild flower, which we grow locally. A traditionally remedy used externally on the body to ease pain & promote healing for inflammation, injury, arthritis, tension & trauma, on muscles & joints. Even more effective in our natural essential oils blends.
The Herbal Healing Line

100% natural, effective, botanical body care products, salves, creams & oils, which help promote the skin's natural healing capabilities for skin problems. Products include our Natural Cortisone Cream, creams for dermatitis, eczema, fungi, dry skin, hemorrhoids, pregnancy & baby.  
The AromaTherapy Line

 Natural, organic/wild-crafted, fair-trade essential oil blends & carrier oils. Skin softening massage/bath oils, oils for baby, pregnancy & cellulite. Body oils & sprays for sleeping, dreaming & meditation. Natural deodorizing & aura cleansing sprays, yoga mat & lavender linen spray. Natural & effective bug repellents &  pet flea shampoo.
The Love Line

100% natural, aromatherapy, aphrodisiac, vegan products that include; Exotic Love Potion Body, Linen & Air Spray. Silky Love Potion Bath, Massage, Body Oil & Roll on Perfume. Tingly Love Potion, Kissing Potion, lip gloss & lip balms. Encouraging Sensuality, Creativity & Relaxation.


The Flower Fairy Company is committed to providing 100% natural, effective vegetarian, all botanical body care products. Flower Fairy Herbal Healers aim to have a low environmental, carbon footprint at every part of our production from seed to shelf. This makes the world of difference in our products. 

Herbs are usually grown in our Victoria garden from organic seeds or we purchase locally or they are occasionally locally wild-crafted, ethically and respectfully. 

They are grown in the fresh British Columbia air with our clean mountain and rainforest showers. Each flower or piece of plant is hand picked at it’s optimum peak locally for freshness and sustainability. 

Flower Fairy Herbal Healers have a low to no environmental, carbon footprint. By using our living plants they are able to keep the air clean. The plants we grown in our backyard garden, we carry 5 feet to where they get dried and decanted in oil and heated up by the sun for exaction of the medicinal properties.

Products are hand-made, produced in small batches with strict quality control using only premium ingredients using traditional methods, to help optimize & promote the skin's natural healing capabilities and long-shelf

Never do we use synthetic oils, mineral oil, petroleum products, non-natural scents, chemicals or preservatives. Water is only used in our spray; never to thin out our body care. It makes them less effective, less absorbable and more susceptible to microbial growth and increase need for preservatives.

We use local bees wax, we buy our carrier oils within 5 miles of home. Our essential oils are wild-crafted or organic, from the best sources in the world, through a local distributor, which are safe and effective.  Products that are not can have chemical sprays on them or be extracted with solvents. This can result in a concentration of environmental sprays and toxins.  Fragrance oils or scents are chemicals with no medicinal properties.  Our water free body care products are contained in glass/recyclable bottles, to optimize their life span and avoid toxins which are absorbed from storage in plastic containers.

Our packaging is recycled, we hand deliver our local products and ship from postal outlets within 5 miles of production. 


How green are your products truly?

Preserving our natural surroundings helps create a healthier body & planet. This may create awareness of the necessity to encourage the conservation of these products and the wild space which they are grown.


Flower Fairy Herbal First Aid- Kit

Salves include Magic Balm, Arnica, Goldenseal, Calendula & other products. Kits can be custom made.

Sleep Pillows

Sleep Pillows
The herbs used help you relax, help promote sleep & calm busy, hyper minds. Great for everyone.

Dream Pillow
May help you to remember & enhance dreams. Do not use during pregnancy or for very young children due to the hormone balancing activities of the mugwort herb.

Flax & Lavender Eye Pillows
May help headaches, eyestrain, sleep / relaxation, soothing to upset tummies & helps keep the light out of your eyes

BUG-ER-OFF Bug Oil & Spray
(Blend of 10 Natural Essential Oil Including Catnip, Cedar & Citronella)

Cilantro Mercury Detox Tincture
Organically grown, locally. Uses include as a digestion aid, to increase appetite & heavy metal detoxification.

Custom-Made & Speciality Products can be made to suite your individual needs. Single herb salves & oils

Salves and Creams

Magic Balm Cortisone Alternative Salve
A multi- purpose salve, It uses 10 herbs including echinacea, goldenseal, calendula, evening primrose oil & red clover. Similar products have clinically tested to have a 90% success with eczema/dermatitis. Customers find it beneficial for eczema, dry skin, dermatitis, rashes, scrapes & more!

Hemorrhoid Healing Cream
With 13 herbs including plantain, stone root & natural anti-biotic/soothing herbs for inflamed, burning, itching hemorrhoids. May help nettle rash, & non-allergic/ non-poisonous stings & bites too.

Arnica Oil Salve
Used for tense, sore, aching muscles, bruises, sprains & arthritis. May speed recovery. Please do not use on open or bleeding skin.

Goldenseal/Echinacea Salve
Natural anti-biotic, anti-fungal for minor infections, eczema, scrapes, bites, athletes foot, shaving & other rashes.

Calendula Salve
Minor burns, scrapes, baby-rash, general rashes, & dry skin.

Cocoa Butter Cream / Coconut Oil Cream
Helps soften dry skin, elbows & feet. Increases hairs shine naturally.

Baby-Skin Salve
Use on baby rash, cradle cap, mild eczema & dry skin.

Pregnant Belly Salve
Helps ease and soften anyones stretch marks & skin, with its cocoa butter, coconut oils & organic lavender essential oil

Nourishing & moisturizing for dry skin Use right out of the shower or in your bath. Excellent, therapeutic massage oil.

Bath & Massage Oils

Tangerine Dream
Chamomile Fields
Lavender Fields

Pregnant Belly Smoother Massage Oil
(Lavender, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil)

Helps Appearance of Cellulite with Diuretic & Circulatory Action (Grapefruit, Geranium, Juniper & Mandarin Essential Oils). Avoid if Pregnant.

Ease Sore Muscles & Feet, Inhale for Colds. (Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Peppermint Oils). Avoid with High Blood Pressure/History of Seizures.

NOTE: Above products in base of grape seed oil, jojoba oil, natural vitamin E & grapefruit seed extract. Arnica oil can be added to for an extra fee.




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